Tension Fabric Curved Freestanding

Tension Fabric Curved


These displays are available with a horizontal or vertical curve. Various sizes to choose from. Integral system channel allows easy attachment of accessories. Freestanding single or double sided frame available.


- Single or double sided

- Highest quality alluminium hardware

- Lightweight, portable and easy to assemble

- Horizontal curve includes flat feet (optional 'side mount' feet upgrade - £100 per pair)

- Vertical curve includes 'side mount' feet as standard


– Important Note: When selecting graphics please decide if you need standard 'Vision Polyester' (which light may pass through depending where the stand is situated) or 'Block Out Polyester' (which prevents light from passing through the graphic). For instance Block Out Polyester is usefull if you have a window or a light behind the display. We advise using block out vinyl to at least one side of a double sided version display.


Prices for Hardware only for the horizontal curve:

2m(h) x 1m(w): £410 + vat    2m(h) x 2m(w): £483 + vat

2m(h) x 3m(w): £575 + vat    2m(h) x 4m(w): £760 + vat

2.5m(h) x 1m(w): £442 + vat    2.5m(h) x 2m(w): £525 + vat

2.5m(h) x 3m(w): £582 + vat    2.5m(h) x 4m(w): £828 + vat


Prices for Hardware only for the vertical curve:

2m(h) x 1m(w): £520 + vat    2m(h) x 2m(w): £595 + vat

2m(h) x 3m(w): £650 + vat


Prices for Graphics when choosing Vision Polyester:

2m(h) x 1m(w): £130 + vat    2m(h) x 2m(w): £208 + vat

2m(h) x 3m(w): £260 + vat    2m(h) x 4m(w): £348 + vat

2.5m(h) x 1m(w): £148 + vat    2.5m(h) x 2m(w): £232 + vat

2.5m(h) x 3m(w): £302 + vat    2.5m(h) x 4m(w): £395 + vat


Prices for Graphics when choosing Black Back Polyester:

2m(h) x 1m(w): £160 + vat    2m(h) x 2m(w): £300 + vat

2m(h) x 3m(w): £350 + vat    2m(h) x 4m(w): £534 + vat

2.5m(h) x 1m(w): £196 + vat    2.5m(h) x 2m(w): £324 + vat

2.5m(h) x 3m(w): £418 + vat    2.5m(h) x 4m(w): £580 + vat 

Install Time

30 mins approx

Carry Case

Available please call

Print Materials

Vision Polyester and Block Out Polyester (Elite Stretch)

Tension Fabric Curved freestanding Systems

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from £649.00 + vat based on small curve (1m x 2m height) inc. graphics

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