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Freestanding Wire Display Frame - Kit A

From £575.00 + vat

This example of a Freestanding Wire Display Frame contains 12 A4 acrylic wallets to hold your literature (can be used double sided). These attach to 4 wire cables which are under tension. Complete with rigid header panel. Looks superb!

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Poster display

Freestanding Wire Literature Frame - Kit B

From £530.00 + vat

If you want to a stylish way of displaying your literature this could be the solution for you! This example uses 8 acrylic A4 pockets when selecting the single sided version and 16 A4 pockets when selecting the double sided version. Acrylic pockets are supported by tensioned steel wire.

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Poster holder

Freestanding Wire Information Display - Kit C

From £775.00 + vat

Impressive looking Information Display Stand consisting of easy access pockets to interchange your graphics. Dual Wire attachments allow acrylic literature displays to angle backwards. Suits reception areas, galleries and more...

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Freestanding Wire Graphic Display - Kit D

From £495.00 + vat

Distinctive contemporary display. Simply insert your graphic into the acrylic pocket and hook onto the chrome rail. Complement your graphic with a choice of back panel and cut to shape rigid header panel.

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Poster displays

Freestanding Contemporary Display - Kit E

From £415.00 + vat

This stylish example is designed with the 'minimal look' in mind yet still communicates your message very effectively. Includes an A2 easy access pocket and an A4 acrylic literature unit. Choice of single of double sided.  

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banner holder

Freestanding Wire Shelf Display - Kit F

From £885.00 + vat

This kit example combines both glass shelving and graphics together. Shelving can be set at different heights supported by tensioned wires. Graphic can be a design of your choice. Great way to display your products.

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Poster holders

Freestanding Wire Poster Frame - Kit G

From £765.00 + vat

Add a contemporary feel to your poster displays. This display can be used single or double sided. Easily interchange your graphics using the A1 acrylic pockets which are supported by tensioned wires. Strong steel stable frame.

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Banner frame

Freestanding Wire Banner Display - Kit H

From £615.00 + vat

This example shows a great way of displaying rigid banners along with your A4 literature. Both of which are supported by tensioned wire cables. Banners can be used double sided but the acrylic literature dispensers are designed to be used from one side.

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