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Transform buildings by making spaces flexible. Enrich their beauty, functionality and efficiency with portable, retractable printed partitions.

Create functional spaces for events in only a few seconds. Our Display Kwick Screens can be branded to provide promotion space as well as be used to manage the physical space by creating new areas.

Display Kwick Screens can be used in a number of workplace environments, dividing up open plan spaces, maintenance and VIP screening. They are used in offices, hotels and airports globally.

Display Kwick Screens are also used across healthcare to improve the healthcare environment bringing the benefit of art to the hospital, improve privacy and dignity and for infection control.

Designs can be printed on to see-through or white (opaque) screen panel material. See-through panels can be printed to create partially see-through, or frosted screens.

White panels are completely non see-through and are perfect for privacy and dignity purposes. Pick an image from our catalogue, use your own image or our in-house design team can help create a custom design, incorporating a logo, message or particular colour scheme.

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