ISO Frame Wave

  • A. BBraun ISO Frame with monitor and table
  • B. BBraun ISO Frame wave
  • C. Medvivo Isoframe with slatwall
  • D. SHU ISO frame-non wave
  • E. Source ISO Frame Wave with LED lighting
  • F. ISO Frame Wave
  • G. ISO Frame Display Link demo
  • H. BBraun ISO Frame example
  • I. Source ISO Frame close up
  • J. ISO Frame Wave detail
  • K. ISO Frame Slat Wall
  • l. ISO Frame DL eg
  • m. ISO Frame lit unit
  • n. Stroma ISO Frame Wave with LED lights
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This Isoframe Wave display system is extremeley flexible and looks impressive in any traditional shell scheme space. The system simply breaks down in to individual component pieces making it convenient for transportation, robust graphics are rolled. Build and conform to the shape of your choice thanks to it's patented bending Wave technology!

Take a scroll through our ISO Frame images. All Stands are produced by The Display Link Ltd. and are representative of our quality promise. A list of hardware components and retail prices can be downloaded from this page. Graphics are priced separately. Please call us for further info.

Fantastic creative looks, infinite re-configuration and very user friendly... ISOframe Wave is a Display Link favourite. Every time you install this exhibition stand you can conform a different shape, you never have to use the same configuration more than once! Just bend and form each exhibition drop into the shape you require for each event. Isoframe has a unique patented Flexi-Wave link, this is the key to the systems flexibility allowing both convex and concave curves. ISOframe is the best linking exhibition stand Display Link can offer. The possibilities are endless compared to other traditional display and exhibition banners. Further more ISOframe Wave can be accessorised including items such as integrated counters, LCD screens, shelves, doors, slat wall, ceiling modules and more. ISOframe Wave can be transported in most cars and assembled without the use of tools - ideal for the 'Jo Bloggs' exhibitor. Click here to see ISO Frame on our you tube channel.

Great Features
- Easy to quickly assemble, no tools required, no contractors required saving you money.
- Form to many shapes. You never have to use the same configuration more than once.
- Finished heights. Mini 2090mm, Midi 2290mm & Maxi 2490mm.
- Graphic heights. Mini 2070mm, Midi 2270mm & Maxi 2470mm.
- Graphics are 800mm wide.
- Rollable top quality laminated graphics for easy transportation.
- Graphic hangers allow for perfect alignment on slightly uneven floors.
- Attach LCD screens - max 36” (18kg)
- Tables, shelves and other accessories can be easily attached.
- Perfect for shell schemes, hotels, conferences and more.
- All compacts in to a choice of carrying equipment making it ideal for transportation.